Rancho Damacitas

Rancho Damacitas, a community of group homes located in Temecula, is an organization that provides a caring environment to thirty-six boys and girls, ranging in age from six to eighteen. Children are placed there by the Department of Social Services and/or Child Protective Service. Rancho Damacitas provides quality long-term care and treatment for children needing out-of-home services. These children may suffer from depression, poor self-esteem, poor social skills, and may be significantly behind academically. They are usually in need of learning new ways to express and cope with feelings of anger, hurt, frustration or other potential difficulties that they may be struggling with. The staff is trained in specific therapeutic interventions and behavioral management techniques that are specifically geared for a child that requires structure, routine, and predictability. The goal is to provide a healthy environment to young children, teens and young adults.


Temecula United Methodist Church
42690 Margarita Road, Temecula, CA 92592



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