1st & 3rd Friday Book Discussion

You are invited to our 1st and 3rd Friday Book Discussion Group at 10:30 a.m. to noon in Room 6.  Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Marlene Oaks. 

Man Is Not Alone is a profound, beautifully written examination of the ingredients of piety:  how man senses God's presence, explores it, accepts it, and builds life upon it.  Abraham Joshua Heschel's philosophy of religion is not a philosophy of doctrine or the interpretation of a dogma.  He erects his carefully built structure of thought upon foundations which are universally valid but almost generally ignored.  It was Man Is Not Alone which led Reinhold Niebuhr accurately to predict that Herschel would "become a commanding and authoritative voice not only in the Jewish community but in the religious life of America."  With its companion volume, God in Search of Man, it is revered as a classic of modern theology.


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