community prayer and meditation garden

A peaceful and serene setting awaits you in our Prayer & Meditation Garden.  Enter and reflect on the beauty of God’s gifts to us and feel His presence.  The garden is a continuous work in progress.  Come see for yourself.  As you enter the church parking lot, look to the rear and to the north.  You will see that paths have been laid, olive trees planted, benches strategically placed, and a fence erected.  Cape Honeysuckle has been planted at the fence and has begun to climb. This garden was a dream of deceased parishioner Todd Hailstone, and with the help of volunteers from the church and many generous donations, his dream is being fulfilled. This project is continually going forward.  If you have “caught our vision” and wish to become a part of this wonderful project, please make your donations to TUMC - “Meditation Garden.”  If you would like to volunteer to deadhead flowers or weed, please contact the church office at 676-1800x1.


Temecula United Methodist Church
42690 Margarita Road, Temecula, CA 92592


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