heiffer international

Heifer International, founded in 1944, is a non-profit organization that provides or has provided livestock to families in need, in poor communities. There are approximately 60 different countries around the world, including parts of the United States in which depending on the region of the world, Heifer decides what animal would be most beneficial to a family. Heifer has recently expanded their program to provide the world with 30 different types of animals. They train families to take care of their assigned animal and then the family uses the products, such as milk and eggs, to eliminate hunger in their family and sell the products to others for money to send their children to school and buy supplies. A key component of the Heifer’s program is the action of "Passing on the Gift".  After the offspring of an animal is born, the family passes on the offspring to another family in the same community. Heifer’s goal is to end poverty by making communities self-sustainable.

 Heifer's Project has served 105.1 million people around the world.   World Ark, Spring 2014.


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