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All Saints Sunday

Posted: November 01, 2020

All Saints' Day

Sunday November 1



All Saints Day provides an opportunity to remember the promises of eternity. It is a way of looking through all that is surrounding us now into a future that looks significantly different. Not an escape, All Saints is a call to action, to live into this possible future, the kin-dom of God, where—as our text reminds us—there is no hunger or thirst, and there is comfort for those who mourn and those who suffer in the hands of God. However you envision this hope, it is a grace to cling to in uncertain times. We look toward the multitudes who have gone before as a promise and a beacon of light in our darkness. These are they who have gone before; let us celebrate them, even as we honor them by how we live. 
By Rev. Dr. Derek Weber, Director of Preaching Ministries


Greetings Friends,
Please send the name of your loved one so that we can light a candle in their memory. While worshiping online, you may want to light your own candle and say a name or many names of those you want to remember. Let the flame represent the Spirit as well as the spirits of those who are still a part of us in the mystery that is eternity.

Call the Church 951-676-1800 ext 4 or email

Peace & Grace, Pastor Rick

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