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Tuesday Ladies Bible Study

Tuesday Ladies Bible Study is a diverse group of women, of all ages, who meet each Tuesday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. off campus.  All women are welcome. Being a member of Temecula United Methodist Church is not a requirement. Our studies include Old & New Testament as well as women’s faith sharing. The friendships and close relationships created are as important as our studies. Some ladies have never been in a Bible study group, while others have studied for years and share their knowledge and faith journey. Contact Karen Benvenuto for information about the group. The group also Zooms for those who aren't comfortable meeting in person yet.

There is one place that constantly reminds us that heaven exists --- it’s the Tuesday Ladies Bible Study.
God’s house is a constant reminder that the nation ought to be more like God’s house. Tuesday morning is a time of worship and worship is a hassle-stopper. Those who constantly run without stopping for God eventually become all legs and no heart. Tuesday morning is a routine of re-energizing. Most of our routines make for busyness, but Tuesday mornings make for vitality. Church teaches us the life of faith. It trains us to be moral giants. Tuesday Ladies live in a community of need – our brothers and sisters, like, ourselves, have many needs. We can lift them up as they lift us. Our Bible Study is a place of praise, and praise keeps us from losing hope in a world overrun with despair. The Bible is read and studied on Tuesday mornings. Just to hear these ancient words of God gives us power to triumph over momentary problems. The gospel is explored on Tuesday mornings, and where the gospel is learned people come to Christ. Jesus is exalted on Tuesday mornings, and anywhere that Christ is exalted is a place where our spirits soar.


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