Guide being used is Cokesbury Adult Bible Study.   Contact person is Boni Gulla.

The creation of the Tagalog Bible Study Class was authorized by the Temecula United Methodist Church in November 2007 under the guidance of the late Rev. David Bostrom, the Pastoral Consultant at the time of its organization. The members of this Bible Study prefer to call this class “Philippians”. However, in the Temecula United Methodist Church website it should be called Tagalog Bible Study Class so that the reader will recognize that there is a Filipino community in TUMC.

The Philippians is a group of Filipinos and friends who meet each Sunday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM in the Youth Room. The Sunday school lessons are based on the Bible and the current Adult Bible Studies, (Student and Teacher) published by the United Methodist Publishing House. The teachers/facilitators rotates among the four members who volunteer to teach for a month. Other members are encouraged to become the teacher/facilitator. The medium of instruction is Tagalog, English or Taglish, a combination of Tagalog and English words. English is used only when there is a friend or visitor in the class who does not understand Tagalog. Most Sundays Philippians sing songs of praises at the end of the Bible Study.

A voluntary offering is collected during the class session to help, in a little way, the church general fund.




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